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After-School Care

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After-School Care Information

  • Available for all students Pre-K and Up as long as they are potty trained

  • After signing up, be sure to call your child's school and let them know that,
    "My kid, (insert name) will be riding the van to Youth Connect Club".

  • The location we will be at is 518 East 12th Street until we finish raising the funds to build our new building on Cottage Street

  • After School Rates will be weekly

or $10/youth/day

Siblings Discount is $10 off

  • Friday Care or Holiday Care Rates are

  • $15/youth/day  

We will start providing After-School Care on 8/29/22 until Ada Schools close for Summer. During any breaks and holidays you can call to see if we are open. 

  • After-School Care Hours
    3pm - 6pm

  • Friday Care Hours
    7:30am - 6pm

  • Holiday Care Hours
    7:30am - 6pm

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Information:

Drop-off and Pick-up will be at the front door, please ring the doorbell then wait at your vehicle for your child to be released or let in.

  • Drop-off is between 7:30am - 9am for Friday Care

  • Pick-up is between 4pm - 5:30pm for everyone

We pick up from Ada Public Schools at the following times:

AECC - 2:30pm

Willard - 3:00pm
AJHS - 3:05pm
Hayes - 3:25pm
Washington - 3:35pm

We are soon considering adding Latta public schools to this route

Field Trip Schedule:

Field Trip info will be announced in advance.

To pay for Field Trips you can CLICK HERE


Late Information
After 5:30pm your youth are considered a late pickup. We do not charge for late pickups, but they will have to help staff with clean up.

At 6:00pm we will start Afterhours Activities. If your child is present for that, they will automatically be enrolled and charged for participation. Activities can be found under the Activity Tab. The majority end by 7pm.

After that, if they are still not picked up, we will provide them a ride home to their provided address and they will be charged $3/youth/ride.

If we are unable to drop them off for any reason or they can not get inside their home, you will receive another call at your provided contact numbers. If we are unable to reach you, we will call DHS as per requirement.

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