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Anime Club

Meetings on Fridays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm

2rd Grade to 12th Grade

Ada Public Library Upstairs

Our Anime Club is dedicated to students who are fans of Anime. The Anime Club is open to join. We do activities from watching Anime, to cooking Asian dishes, to cosplaying, to drawing and so much more. Our club does trips to conventions and our current goal is to host the 2nd Anime Torii Convention.

Field Trip

Anime Club Trip

Its time for our Anime Club trip to OkiCon Dec 29th - Dec 31st.

The locations are as follows:

OkiCon Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center in Norman
2501 Conference Dr, Norman, OK 73069
AirBnB Location

1418 Eisenhower Road, Norman, OK 73072

Meeting location

514 East 12th Street, Ada, OK 74820



Friday, Dec 29th

8am-9:30am - Meet at 518 East 12th Street

9:45am - Leave to fill up on Gas

10am - Leave Ada

12:00pm - Arrive at OkiCon

Schedule of activities can be found here:

1pm - Lunch Break

7pm - Dinner Break

11pm - Leave to go to Hotel

Saturday, Dec 30th

7am - Meet at 518 East 12th Street

7:45am - Leave to fill up on Gas

8am - Leave Ada

10:00am - Arrive at OkiCon

Schedule of activities can be found here:

1pm - Lunch Break

7pm - Dinner Break

11pm - Leave to go to Hotel


Sunday, December 31st

9am - Wake up and have breakfast

10am - Leave Hotel and go to OkiCon

12pm - Lunch Break

5pm - Leave to return to Ada

7:30pm - Arrive at 514 East 12th Street


The Chaperones are:
Sher-Mon (Coordinator): 405-306-3245

Starla Hensley (Female Chaperone): 580-665-2110
IraDean Adams (Male Chaperone): 580-235-1080 



We have room in our passenger van for 13 people + our chaperones
And we have a chaperone taking another car for luggage and more



$100 per participant (Ticket, Room, Gas and Food)


What to Bring:

  • Hygiene Products (Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Wash Towel/Loofah, Dry Towel, Deodorant)

  • 2 Changes of Clothes (Saturday and Sunday) and Night Clothes (Appropriate for Pajama Day at School)

  • Cosplay, if you have any

  • Sleeping Bag, if you have one (The AirBnb does not have enough beds for everyone)

  • Pillow (not for pillow fights, but the possibility can't be ruled out)

  • If you have any medical needs or dietary restrictions, please bring what is necessary



  • If your child has behavioral issues that are not able to be remedied by any of our chaperones or coordinator, then the parent will be called. If they are not able to solve it over the phone, the parent will be asked to come pick them up early.

  • Boys and Girls may not enter each others restricted areas of the Hotel. The female chaperone will be supervising the girls, so if you need to reach your female child during certain hours, you may be asked to call Starla, because the coordinator and male chaperone may not enter into these restricted areas either.

  • No cussing, no fighting, chaperones words are final, lights out goes for electronics too, no tobacco, vapes or e-cigs, no breaking the law (common sense)

Link to Pay for Trip:

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