Basketball League

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Parent Information


Youth Requirements:

Must be between the ages of 7 and 13

and between grades 2 and 6

(Message about exceptions)

Other Information:

  • Uniforms will be provided by coaches or ordered through coach at $25 for player.

  • 10 guaranteed games including end-of-season tournament

  • Games will be played on the court at the south side of Ada's Peak unless announced otherwise through either Facebook, through your coach or by the schedule.

  • Gate is $5 for Adult and $3 for Kids

  • Parent Volunteers (Click Here to Volunteer), Registered Players in Uniform and babies get in FREE.

How to Sign Up / Register:

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  2. Fill out Registration Information

  3. Pay for Flag Football Registration and Tell your Coach

Coach Information


Coach Requirements:

Must be at least 17 years of age

Must pass a background check

Must attend all coach meetings

Must have a reliable source of communication

Other Information:

  • You get a free player for volunteering.

  • Must attempt at least one practice a week, lasting 60-90 minutes.

  • Practice areas will be provided by Youth Connect Club, but you may practice elsewhere if more convenient.

  • Games will round robin into the end-of-season tournament.

  • Teams will be approximately 5-7 players large.

  • If you have a player who misses two practices in a row, you may ask director to have your roster changed

  • You may use your own uniforms or pay $25 per player for uniforms, which may be collected from team parents. It includes jersey and shorts.

  • You will receive a PDF with the league rules, which you may distribute to your team's parents.

How to Sign Up / Register to Coach:

  1. Click on the Button below

  2. Fill out the registration information on the VOLUNTEER page

  3. Wait for invitation to the Coaches' Group Chat


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-Youth Connect Club