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Employee Handbook

  • Please remember that as a contract worker you are not entitled to certain rights an employee would be.

  • As a contractor you must fill a 1099 with your taxes if your combined pay exceeds $600. 

  • Payment is only rendered after the completion of the agreed duties


  • Every worker's duties include protecting the safety and well-being of the youth we serve.

  • Report any incidents as they occur, whether the incident involves a youth, an adult or a worker.

  • All incidents may be reported anonymously. They go straight to the members of our board of directors.

  • We are mandated reporters, so be sure to watch the video below in the resource section to know what you are required to do.

  • Your duties include, but are not limited to the following the directions of your supervisor and completing your directives that coincide with your job title.


  • Checks are distributed between 1 day to 20 days after the work has been done.

  • Worked hours are to be put in at the end of the workday so that checks may be distributed on time

  • Checks are to be picked up within


  • Workers are not to discuss incidents with the parents of students. They are to file incident reports and discuss it with their supervisors if necessary.

  • Male workers are not to allow children in their lap

  • Workers are not to touch other's chest or lower torso area

  • Workers are not to touch students inappropriately

  • Workers are not to show inappropriate things, videos or images to others

  • Workers are not to talk inappropriately to others

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