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Employee Handbook

 1) Entry

 > All students, staff and parents must now, only enter through the front door, as well as leave through the front. Except when entering prior to 7:30am

 2) Timekeeping

 > Clocking in and out must be done though Quick Book Time, ensuring that you have clocked in/out is your responsibility.

 > If you have missed clocking in for hours, you will not be paid for them barring extreme circumstances.
> Ensuring your hours are correct is your responsibility and duty. You may flag hour or note them for corrections to a certain extent.

 3) Absences

 > As per policy, all absences and tardies should be announced at least (30) minutes in advance

 > An absence request MUST be filed for EVERY absence.

 > All planned absences must be given a week ahead for approval to avoid points against you

 > Sick days care limited to (10) days, after that, all sick days pull from your vacation hours.

 > Sick days require a doctor’s note should they exceed 1 day

 > You get an (2) hours of vacation per pay period

 > Sick days with no note, unannounced absences and tardies, unapproved planned absences, or planned absences not given a week in advance, first will pull from your vacation hours. 

 > After all your vacation hour are used up, absences and tardies listed above count as points against you.

 > All staff with children, school or prior jobs must have a contingency plan in place for dealing with these, as they still count against you

 >2 back to back days of no call, no show, unapproved absences will result in immediate termination.

 4) Redirection

 > A redirection is an attempt to correct a negative behavior and turn it to a positive behavior

 > After 3 points against you in an area, then you will receive a verbal redirect.

 > After 5 points against you in an area, then you will receive a written redirect.

 > After 7 points against you in an area, then you will receive a plan of redirection.

 > After 3 occurrences of failure to adhere to the (PoR) then your file will be given to the Executive Director for review

 > All redirections are kept on file

 5) Recognition

 > Staff birthdays will be recorded openly on the staff calendar.

 > The Club may not put together anything for a staff member’s birthday, but it will support anything the students or staff put together for a staff’s birthday, as long as, those organizing it go through the proper facets to avoid conflict with the club schedule.

 6) Member Attendance

 > Before starting a program or a room, attendance must be completed, if that program or room requires it .

 > An “X” by their name under the correct date will suffice and a “-“ if they are not present

 > Going down the list calling names will not suffice, as there may be students not listed.

 > The recommended way is to have them lined up or seated, then go around and mark them off individually in some order.

 7) Incidents

 > An incident is anytime a member purposefully or not, acts or does something unbecoming, that physically or emotionally damages themselves, another member, someone else’s property or club property, or when they endanger them self, another member, someone else’s property or club property, or when they interrupt the flow of the current Club programming

 > All incidents should be recorded after taking the proper steps, especially those in which a student or their belongings are harmed or damaged.

 > As soon as the incident occurs, especially if you did not see the incident occur, gather up the witnesses, treat any injuries and get everyone’s side of the story.

 > Always record what time and where the incident occurred

 > After all injuries have been dealt with and you have gotten all sides of the story including your own, take appropriate disciplinary actions, then record it all.

 > Incidents are to be recorded digitally through the link on your phone, Club tablet or computer. It is on the staff page - write ups button

 > If systems are down, then hard copies are available.

 9) Cellphones

 > Employee’s cellphones are only to be used to further the mission of Youth Connect Club, this includes taking pictures and videos for marketing purposes, assisting in a member’s homework or education, to help with a program, telling the time, clocking in/out and filing out incident reports/write ups.

 > Personal calls are to be made scarcely.

 > Any use of phones outside of this will lead to points against the staff member.

 10) Maintenance

 > Each staff member is in charge of the upkeep of their assigned room and assuring it is properly cleaned before the end of their shift.

 > Each staff member is responsible for making sure their groups eating area is cleaned afterwards.

 > No staff member is above any duty. Passing off a job to another, without valid reason is irresponsible and could lead to points against you.

 > Kids are encouraged to clean up after themselves, but never is it their responsibility to have a room cleaned.

 11) Stressful Situations

 > If there comes a time where there is a personal matter or club matter that deeply concerns a staff member, then they may take it up with their supervisor at any time.

 > If they do not want to discuss it with their supervisor, then they may discuss it privately with the Operations Manager or Executive Director.

 > All issues whether personal or Club related are important if they affect your mood while working. Please seek help whenever appropriate and needed.

 > All Club related issues should inevitably be corrected, fixed and improved upon, so if there are issues please bring them to up, even if it requires anonymity.





Youth are not allowed in rooms that have been marked or sectioned off, except if they are signed up as volunteers or receiving first aid.

The Kitchen and Back Room are restricted from youth.

The Front and Back doors are to remain locked, except if supervised youth are outside of them.

Youth are not to be in a room unsupervised.

Keep the volume in rooms to a minimum.

If you have something for them to do that is productive or better than what they are doing, then you can stop them from doing what they are doing, but do not stop a kid that is entertaining themself, to do "nothing", unless they are doing something negative or against the rules. Redirecting is only effective if it is redirecting them towards "something". So the words "Stop that", should be followed with, "Do this instead".

Sinks need to be turned off completely after each use.

Running is reserved for outdoors

No food and drinks outside of the dining room unless part of a program, in which the staff member in charge of that program is responsible for the clean up.

Youth shall remain in their designated area, except for if permission is granted from their teacher, in which case, some form of pass should be provided as proof.

Students may only play on preapproved games and websites

Students caught on any websites displaying anything graphic or inappropriate will be removed from the computer and written up.
If something graphic displays on a computer, turn off the monitor first, then hold the power button on the computer.

Students are not to grab anything from the cabinets.

Students are not to stand in chairs. They may not sit, stand or climb on counters, tabletops or shelves

Students are not to lean back in their chairs

The students should be made responsible for cleaning up their own messes before leaving the room, but ultimately, if they do not, that responsibility falls on the teacher

Homework always comes first, then other activities.

The students are not to use art supplies without prior permission.

Students are not to get their own sheets of paper, whether coloring sheets or blank sheets. 

All books need to return their proper place on the book shelf.

Items from rooms should stay in their designated room, unless a teacher moves it for an activity, in which case, they shall be responsible for returning it

Students are to arrive in the room, sit down and wait for further instructions

Students are not to enter the broom closet or the kitchen area.

Volunteers, unless they are leading an activity, should not be left in charge of any youth, unless that youth is related to them

Students are to assure their bags are properly hung up.

Students are not to cut in line for meals.

Students are not to make mop water by themselves.

Students are to push their chairs back in

Students may not touch any controllers, tv’s, or consoles without staff’s permission


Students may not walk in between a player and the game they are playing

No running

Shoes stay on at all times unless part of an activity

No balls unless they are part of a teacher's activity

If a student refuses to trade out with another student, then they must sit out

All controllers must be put back on the counter in the correct place after finishing and before they may switch games

If a student leaves the area while waiting for their turn, then they lose their place in line

Students are not to sit on any tables or counters

Students are not to charge any batteries


  • Every worker's duties include protecting the safety and well-being of the youth we serve.

  • Report any incidents as they occur, whether the incident involves a youth, an adult or a worker.

  • All incidents may be reported anonymously. They go straight to the members of our board of directors.

  • We are mandated reporters, so be sure to watch the video below in the resource section to know what you are required to do.

  • Your duties include, but are not limited to the following the directions of your supervisor and completing your directives that coincide with your job title.


  • Workers are not to discuss incidents with the parents of students. They are to file incident reports and discuss it with their supervisors if necessary.

  • Male workers are not to allow children in their lap

  • Workers are not to touch other's chest or lower torso area

  • Workers are not to touch students inappropriately

  • Workers are not to show inappropriate things, videos or images to others

  • Workers are not to talk inappropriately to others

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