Foam Battling

Foam Battle League is a sport involving the use of various foam weapons mixed with Role-Playing Game (RPG) mechanics, such as the class system. Depending on their chosen class (Warrior, Mage or Rogue), battlers will receive a corresponding starting weapon. As they gain Experience (EXP) their character unlocks new classes, abilities, weapons and more, which assist them in battle. Does your battler prefer up close axe to mace melee or prefers a further back approach, observing the field, while making it rain arrows upon their foes. Ultimately, battles come down to their physical skill and ability, which they will train and hone through weekly fighter practices. There will also be days where the battlers will create and customize their weapons and armor. Battlers will participate in featured events, with epic quests, large scale battles, fun and prizes.


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-Youth Connect Club