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High Five

Seller Info


You do not need to keep a stock of items,
You do not pay for any items not sold and
You get to save money doing stuff for your kids

For every 5 sales with references you make, you earn one week of free tuition for Youth Connect Club Activities.

For full list of our activities visit
This includes pickup from Ada Schools and on days they do not want to participate in activities, they can participate in our regular After School Care program.

For every 10 sales with references we will waive the fee for an entire Sport's Season of your choice

Slabs of Pork Ribs
Fully Cooked With cooking instructions included Wrapped in aluminum foil and plastic wrap
Each Slab of Ribs is $25 and will be given out on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.
Pick up this month will be at the Car Show at Lazer Zone on Oct. 22nd from 10am - 6pm

for more info call 405-306-3245

Pledge 5

With the Pledge 5 they need to check the monthly option as well.
Whenever you refer someone, please contact us on Facebook and let us know their name, so we can confirm it and attribute it to you.
If they want a Pledge 5 Profile Picture Frame, then please have them message us, so we can send it to them.

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