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2024 Spring
Archery League

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Parent Information

Youth Requirements:

Must be between the ages of 5 and 18

Divisions are based on grade and are as follows:

PreK/K Coed (Mini Stars),

1st/2nd Coed (Shooting Stars),

3rd/4th Coed (All Stars),

5th/6th Coed (Super Stars),

7th+ Coed (MonStars)

Other Information:

  • Meets will occur on Saturdays

  • Meets are gated, but Volunteers get in free

  • We will have equipment available for all archers. We will also offer to rent or purchase equipment at a cost.

  • Meets will occur from youngest age division to the oldest age division

  • Long bows only. Recurve and compound bows are not allowed for safety reasons  

  • Meets will have two parts: Individual Shoot and Team Archery Tag

  • Individual Shoot: After Safety Meet, each archer will take their round of 3 shots and then the next archer gets a turn. This will repeat until each archer has had 3 rounds. Arrows will be kept and retrieved by volunteers and given right before shooting. Their score will be kept on a card and given to them at the end of their divisions Individual Shoot. During the first meet all archers will be made to use foam tipped arrows. Upon checking scores and skills, the director and parent may sign a permission slip to use steel blunt tipped arrows. Then they move on to Team Archery Tag.

  • Team Archery Tag: The archers are divided into 2 teams, or more if warranted. The teams will be either based on score or kept the same throughout the season. The teams competing will be given time to Gear Up, meaning they will put on Face Masks, grab their bows and get to their side and await safety instructions. They will be using foam tipped arrows. Their goal is to take out the enemies target, while trying to avoid get hit themselves.

How to Sign Up / Register:

  1. Click on button below

  2. Fill out registration information

  3. Pay for Sports League Registration and keep receipt


Volunteer Information

Volunteer Requirements:

Must be at least 17 years of age

Must pass a background check

Must attend all volunteer meetings

Must have a reliable source of communication

Other Information:

  • You get a free Pass for one youth for volunteering.

  • Must attend each meet at least for the length of a division.

  • You will receive a PDF with the league rules

How to Sign Up / Register to Coach:

  1. Click on the Button below

  2. Fill out the registration information on the VOLUNTEER page

  3. Show up for the first Volunteer's meeting on the schedule

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