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End of Summer Lock In

This Friday, August 11, Youth Connect Club will be having a

Lock-In at 518 East 12th Street from 5:30pm to 9am Saturday

Morning. Kids can stay after club to participate or be dropped

of at the Club by 6pm. This is for All Stars ages and up.

Who: 8 years old and up (All Stars and up)

What: They need to bring school appropriate pajamas and can

bring snacks to share if you want (We will feed them)

When: Friday, September 11, 2023, 5:30pm - 9am Saturday

Where: 518 East 12th Street, Ada, OK 74820

How Much: $10 for optional Star Skate Trip at 1pm,

but Lock In is FREE

Activities: Makeovers, Sweets and Treats, Outdoor Movie,

Campfire Roast, Videogame Tournaments

Guys Instructor: Sher-Mon Clement - 4053063245

Girls Instructor: Cindy Abbott - 5803991776

Permission Slip Available tomorrow at building as well

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