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Ada's Teen Guild

Terms and Conditions



Ada’s Teen Guild is a civic organization and program of the Youth Connect Club. Preteens and Teens who join the guild take on odd jobs as missions. Each mission is one that supports the city of Ada and it's citizens. Whenever a member completes a mission, they have the opportunity to earn gold(YCC's currency). Once a week they can exchange the gold for services, goods or cash. Through contribution and mission completion, they earn points for ranking up in the guild. Certain missions have rank requirements, meaning they become available upon ranking up in the guild. Upon signing up to join the guild the member and their guardian, must fill out a contract. The contract contains both the expectations of the guild and of the member. If the members behavior inside or outside of the guild violates a part of the contract, then it could lead to the termination of the member's guild membership. Membership into the guild is available to youth between the ages of 12 and 17. The program is ongoing and has officially started as of May 1st, 2021. 


Waiver and Release

I, the undersigned parent/guardian, hereby express my desire and approval for the participation of my member, as a member of Youth Connect Club Inc., (hereafter referred to as Youth Connect Club), and acknowledge that such participation may include, without limitation, travel, participation in physical activities and the use of equipment and supplies as applicable. I further acknowledge that participation in the program is entirely at my risk and the risk of my members. I hereby promise not to bring a claim against or sue, and AGREE TO RELEASE Youth Connect Club, its sites, employees, affiliates, agents, landowners, officers, directors, and their successors in interest, any equipment manufacturers and distributors, together with each of their officers and managers, (collectively “PROVIDERS”), from all liability for injury, illness, death, and property loss and damage that results from participation in Youth Connect Club activities. 



I authorize PROVIDERS to administer first aid as they deem necessary. I authorize transportation to a medical facility, at my expense, if deemed necessary by PROVIDERS. Further, in the case of serious illness or injury, if I cannot be reached, I give permission for treatment, including medical and/or surgical care necessary for the well-being of my member, at my expense. I agree that upon transporting the member to any medical facility, clinic or hospital that the responsibility of the PROVIDERS shall be totally fulfilled and the PROVIDERS shall have no further responsibility for the member. I UNDERSTAND THAT YOUTH CONNECT CLUB WILL, TO THE BEST OF ITS ABILITY, ATTEMPT TO NOTIFY ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY. 


Photo Release

I hereby grant exclusive permission to Youth Connect Club and their respective agents, clients and assigns to use my member’s name and image(s) as well as parents/guardians for the purpose of publicity, public relations, editorial, or other advertising purposes without restriction as to frequency or duration. 


I acknowledge that it is the responsibility of my members to choose the applicable programs they wish to participate in. It is their responsibility to inform a staff member if they do not wish to participate in an activity. 


I understand it is up to the members to remain in possession of any medical/life saving equipment that they may need in case of an emergency. PROVIDERS will not knowingly force your member to participate in something that affects their allergies, so it is up to the members to inform all PROVIDERS of their allergies whenever it becomes an emanate threat.


Personal Property

I understand that Youth Connect Club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. I acknowledge that my member must follow the rules and guidelines of Youth Connect Club. In the event of any disciplinary issues I will be contacted and appropriate action will be taken by the staff up to and including suspension from Youth Connect Club. 

Open Door Policy

I acknowledge that Youth Connect Club maintains an Open Door Policy. Members are welcomed and supervised in the facility under safety and citizenship guidelines. Staff does not grant permission for members to leave Youth Connect Club, nor do they insist that members stay. The decision as to when a member arrives at Youth Connect Club and with whom he/she leaves is a matter arranged between parent and member. 


Information Usage

I give my permission to Youth Connect Club to share information about the minor members listed on this application with Youth Connect Club associates for research purposes and/or to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. Information that will be disclosed to these associates may include the information provided on this membership application form, information provided by the minor member’s school or school district, and other information collected by Youth Connect Club, including data collected via surveys or questionnaires. All information provided to Youth Connect Club will be kept confidential. 


Transportation and Extended Stay

I grant permission for my members to participate in field trips and fundraising activities at Youth Connect Club. Transportation will be walking or provided by a Youth Connect Club vehicle as applicable. I understand that there might be times that I will be asked to provide transportation for my members. I understand that some field trips may require an additional release form and/or additional fees. I understand that Field Trips and activities may involve staying overnight either at Youth Connect Club facility, or with an approved mentor at a location off-site in the event of camping trips, lock-ins and sleepovers. It is my responsibility to let my member know if he/she can or cannot participate in these activities and field trips, and it will be his/her responsibility to notify staff of this. 



I grant permission for my members to participate in the online programs, including use of the Internet. I understand that my members will be required to follow all guidelines regarding the use of the internet. Bringing cell phones and other electronic devices to Youth Connect Club is discouraged, and the device may be taken away if a member abuses its use. 


Drug and Alcohol Policy

I grant permission for my members to be tested for any controlled substances at any time, whether it be through random testing, probable cause or as part of the program. We have a zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol and other controlled substances. A member participating in, the use, distribution, possession or sales of these controlled substances and their paraphernalia is a violation of our rules.

Compliance Policy

I understand that my members’ compliance is for the safety and welfare of themselves and others. I grant permission for my members to be physically restrained in the case they present a danger to themselves or others, also if they attempt to leave their designated area to go to a restricted area and they refuse to cooperate with verbal instructions. I understand that my members failing to follow instruction, repeated, stated, written or otherwise, is a violation of our rules.


Search and Seizure Policy

I grant permission for my member to be searched and questioned by the supervising staff of Youth Connect Club within reason. Searches may ONLY be done for probable cause. The search may include pockets, bags, and personal items. For checking the member’s person, searches may only be done by a staff of the same gender of the member being searched. If prohibited paraphernalia is found, it may be seized and the one with possession of it may be found in violation of our rules.


Early Dismissal Policy

I understand that my member may be dismissed early for the day. In the case of them being dismissed or asked to leave early, it may be up to their parents or guardian to pick them up.


Suspension and Expulsion Policy

I grant permission for my members to be removed by the PROVIDERS, from the program for violating the rules set forth by the PROVIDERS. The duration of the members’ suspension is decided upon by the PROVIDERS. I understand that under normal circumstances, they will be given three strikes, each resulting in a suspension, until finally they are expelled.




As parent/guardian of the below-named minor(s), I acknowledge that I am authorized to sign this agreement for the minor. I acknowledge and agree that I have read the foregoing release and that by signing this release on behalf of the minor, the minor and I agree to be bound by its terms. I hereby agree to INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD HARMLESS PROVIDERS as defined on this form, for any claim, suit, expense or loss which arises out of the below-named minors participation in Youth Connect Club, its programs, activities, or events.

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